The following items are offered at a discount: All vehicles are sold "as-is" and every sale is final. No returns accepted. We have looked over each vehicle to determine the condition and what is missing or included. We have grouped the vehicles into different categories, so be sure to read and understand what each category consists of. Everything is generalized, but we are including a notes section to better describe some key points of each item. 


(B) STOCK = Vehicle has signs of slight use, but everything seems to be in proper working order. There may also be box damage. Includes all necessary equipment that is normally included with the model (radio, instructions manual, etc). 

(C) STOCK = Vehicle has obviously been used quite a bit, could be dirty, and show signs of wear and tear. There may be box damage, and could be missing the manual or other items originally included with the vehicle when it was new. 
(D) STOCK = Vehicle has been disassembled, has several missing parts, or has been destroyed from crash damage or possibly an electronic malfunction. May or may not include manuals or other items originally included with the vehicle when it was new. There may also be box damage.


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Please include part number. 

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