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Atlantis Models

1/96 Boeing 727 Whisper Jet Airliner Eastern Airlines

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Molded from the original Aurora tooling, which was updated by Monogram in the late 1970's. Kit is molded in white, with a clear windshield. Decals are for Eastern and early TWA Airlines. Features detailed landing gear, with a 13.5 inch wingspan.

Skill Level 2.

Facts About the Boeing 727 Jet Airliner -The Wings of Man
A new and wonderful achievement in modern luxury jet transportation was made available to most cities in the early 1960's. The Boeing Airplane Company added the Boeing 727 jetliner to their world-renowned fleet of jet aircraft. Based on millions of miles of Boeing 707 and 720 flying experience, the new 727 embodied proven techniques as well as the latest word in systems and facilities. Step-by-step research and development over a period of years by Boeing engineers and technicians resulted in a specific airplane with definite objectives. The ability to take off and land frequently at smaller airports on shorter routes and still maintain the same roominess and comfort of the larger Boeing 707 and 720 airliners were important points. Thus was born the 727, expressing the luxury and refinements of modern jet travel, yet small enough and powerful enough, with a 3 engine combination, to be accommodated on fields of 5,000 feet. Even at its maximum landing weight of 131,000 lbs, the 727 can land on a 4,980 foot runway.
Specifications of the 727 list the wingspan as 180' 7", overall length 132' 5", overall height 34', body width 12' 4", body depth forward 13' 2", body depth aft 14', landing gear tread 18' 9", turning radius 70' 3", weight empty 77,500 lbs, payload 24,000 lbs, and horizontal tail span 35' 5".
Accommodations of the 727 are comparable to the larger Boeing jets, the cabin is identical in height and width and offers the same seating and distribution of window space along with the same flexibility of seating arrangements of groups of four, five, or six abreast. First class accommodates 70 passengers while dual-class accommodates 28 first class and 66 tourist, a total of 94 passengers. Cabin appointments provide air-conditioned comfort, indirect lighting, completely balanced sound equipment, 3 modern lavatories and a minimum of exterior noise.
The Boeing 727 was superbly developed and typical travelers, whether on business or pleasure, were more than pleased to enter the comfortable cabin with the security of endless miles of jet travel as a basis for their trip. The novelty of jet travel was quickly becoming an ordinary way of life and distance was no longer a factor to those with limited time for visits or vacations.