5mm Lightweight Hex Adaptor for B6, B6D & B64-Blue

5mm Lightweight Hex Adaptor for B6, B6D & B64-Blue

  • $13.60
  • Save $2.40

Converting the rear of the B6 or B64 to a light-weight hex adaptor set from JConcepts is quick and simple. The hex adaptors are precision machined, blue anodized, and feature a slim design eliminating unnecessary rotating weight. The adaptors feature chamfer highlighted edging which improves the curb appeal and brings out the luster in any show or race ride.

The clamping design and light-weight styling provides utmost durability and all-important functionality. Installation is simple: slide on the hex to the standard rear axle and cinch the 1.6mm screw (1.5mm hex head screw) with slight pressure to maintain position. The 5.0mm hex width provides the stock setting for the rear of the B64 vehicle and provides a tuning option for the B6 line of vehicles.


  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Light-weight / durable design
  • Laser marked logo and 5mm width