B6.1 T6.1 SC6.1 7075 Rear Hub Set, (1pr)

B6.1 T6.1 SC6.1 7075 Rear Hub Set, (1pr)

  • $33.95

This stealthy, two color anodized alloy rear hub set set features a customized polished black base with blue chamfered accents, which goes great with your stock plastic parts or after market blue parts.

Through careful cutting and shaping, these hubs are actually 1gr lighter than the alloy Associated hub sets, even after adding the extra mounting holes.

Includes 2mm roll center alloy spacers to match the stock geometry of the Associated alloy hubs.

This design works as either the left or right hub (hubs are non-directional) giving you more camber link hole options.

Note- Alloy hubs (including Associated) requires the use of shorter ball studs ie #ASC91047 or ASC91752