B74 Hyrbrid Ceramic Pro Bearing Set

B74 Hyrbrid Ceramic Pro Bearing Set

  • $85.00

Set of 18 pcs high-performance racing bearings (10 Ceramic and 8 Onyx Pro) with Black Diamond Oil for a Team Associated B74.

The Hybrid Ceramic Pro Set is an off-shoot for racers looking for the best ratio of performace/cost. In testing, the high-RPM gearboxes is where the ceramic bearings give maximum benefit. The 4 axles roll on Onyx Pro premium Chrome Steel bearings with low-drag lubrication and metal shields. Take your program to the next level without breaking the budget. The Schelle Hybrid set has been tested extensively in spec racing by owner and accomplished racer Kurt Wenger. Onyx Pro Bearings use hardened Chrome Steel races, not stainless, which is a softer steel intended to inhibit rust for marine use.


  • Precision manufactured to ABEC-3 Standards, hardened Chrome Steel races for maximum durability and metal shields wherever possible to reduce drag.
  • Lubed with multi-National Champion Schelle Black Diamond Bearing Oil
  • Ideal replacements for racers who want to win without breaking the bank on full ceramics.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, contact us for a replacement if you aren't satisfied.