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J Concepts

Cheetah 83mm Speed-Run Wheel w/ 12&17mm Hex Adaptor, Black

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$25.50 USD
An adjustable 83mm outer diameter wheel that has interchangeable adaptors for 12mm and 17mm hex vehicles is a must have. Originally developed alongside the Speed Fang belted tires, the Cheetah wheel can also be used with just about any speed-run or 83mm bead mounting diameter tire on the market.

When using the Cheetah wheels, it's important to choose the application type for your vehicle. Using the included hardware, bolt-on either the 12mm or 17mm adaptor which suits your model, and secure the hubs. Speed-run vehicles are unique, and with the JConcepts wheels, the driver can choose the spoke look of standard or spice it up with the included dish covers.

The optional dish covers bolt to the wheel from the inside out, giving that legendary salt flat look of 1:1 speedsters. Once the combination is together, it's time to mount a favorite 83mm bead mounting style tire and hit the pavement or flats for an unbelievable driving experience. JConcepts wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure trueness and durability and are branded with the small JC logo for brand identification and authenticity.


  • Original JConcepts Cheetah 83mm design
  • 12mm and 17mm hex adaptors included
  • Durable design, finish, and material
  • Spoke or dish appearance options
  • Fits Slash 4x4, Stampede 4x4, Rustler 4x4, Arrma Infraction/Limitless
  • 4 wheels + accessories per package