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J Concepts

Curved Pliers, Side Cutter and Shock Shaft Pincher

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$76.50 USD
Multi-use tools are very important and being able to simplify the toolbox goes a long way toward being prepared. The JConcepts curved pliers are very handy to the organized racer looking to have a lot of functions in a single tool. The 5-piece design consists of the dual pinching jaws, aluminum handles, and steel center pivot screw. The curved plier ends are machined in steel, chamfered to reduce weight, and have inner grips to get ahold of just about any small part in RC.

The grip area includes an opening where round objects can be gripped and pinched. Near the pivot, an inner cutter is built-in so side cutting can be performed to detach small plastic from parts trees, or simply cutting soft metals, solder, or other low resistance materials. Past the pivot, the JConcepts pliers have the handy 4.0 and 3.0 diameter slots for pinching shock shafts during builds without unnecessarily marking important surfaces.

Anodized in blue, and silver highlighted. is etched in for authenticity. The center pivot is threaded, allowing the tool to be disassembled using a 4mm wrench for maintenance and cleaning.


  • JConcepts design and function
  • Steel jaws, inner grip surface
  • Inner cutter built into the jaw
  • Shock shaft pincher for 4.0 and 3.0mm
  • Low-slung aluminum and blue anodized light-weight handles