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Exotek Racing

DR10M PRO WHEELIE BAR SET 3mm cf with single wheel style

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$89.95 USD
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$125.95 USD
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$89.95 USD
For the DR10M only (not DR10).

Version 2 design of our popular single wheelie bar concepts.

Extra long 3mm thick carbon fiber wheelie bar that can extend to 14.5" long. Includes Exotek's heavy duty machined titanium turnbuckle that controls the height and angle of the bar and a heavy duty alloy mounting base. The wheelie bar is now hinged for easier height adjustments and allows for the use of a single optional shock (coming soon) in place of the turnbuckle to create a 'suspension' bar.

Updated double bearing alloy wheel holds in the new wider and stronger foam tire. The caged mounting plate protects the tire and wheel and insures straight line performance.