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Exotek Racing

EB410.2 HD Rear Hub Set, 7075

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$35.95 USD
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$35.95 USD
Heavy duty alloy rear hub set for the EB410.2 AND ET410.2

Exotek has switched the ball stud to an upright angle, while still matching the stock geometry, for easier roll center adjustments by adding washers (not included), and the hubs are omnidirectional so that they can be mounted on either side.

Extra durable for high powered applications and polished and anodized in Tekno team colors, then machined a second time to insure precise bearing fit.

Compatible with;
EB410 (requires #TKR6576 INSERTS and .2 UNIVERSAL CVD'S)
ET410 (requires #TKR6576 INSERTS and .2 UNIVERSAL CVD'S)