Fugitive S2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Tires, Mounted on V2

Fugitive S2 (Medium) Off-Road Buggy Tires, Mounted on V2

  • $36.76

Pro-Line is putting the competition on the run with the Fugitive race tire! The Fugitive was developed to be the longest lasting race tire ever produced, while still being quick and agile.

Pro-Line's Fugitive tires set the standard for wear and performance with a whole new design philosophy - small, tightly packed pins that can handle the abuse of being run on concrete. When combined with Pro-Line's incredible S-Compounds, the Fugitive easily has the best performance to cost ratio of any Pro-Line tire making it perfect for many European style tracks.

Pro-Line is making it easier than ever to use the Fugitive S-Material tires on your 1:8 Buggy by offering them pre-mounted on White Velocity V2 wheels!

Pro-Line lives and breathes the philosophy of Racing to Bring You the Best, and that is exactly what the Velocity V2 1:8 Buggy wheel represents.


  • Long Lasting Tread yet still Fast and Agile
  • Perfect for Extreme Wear Conditions with Little Dust
  • Improved Wear and Traction with S-Compound Technology
  • High Density, Reusable Closed Cell Inserts Included
  • Strong and Durable Nylon Material