Hyrax 1.9" G8 Tires, Mounted on Impulse Wheels

Hyrax 1.9" G8 Tires, Mounted on Impulse Wheels

  • $39.96

The Hyrax 1.9" tires come conveniently pre-mounted to Pro-Line's Impulse black/silver plastic 1.9" wheels that are proudly made in the USA! These Impulse wheels are designed to not only look scale but to be super easy to use by only requiring 6 screws per wheel for mounting tires. The unique 3-piece plastic wheel design bolts together in the back and locks on to any of Pro-Line's incredible list of 1.9" crawling tires. The back of this 12mm hex rock crawling 1.9" wheel also accepts Pro-Line's brass brake rotor weights (sold separately) for additional looks and performance.


  • Designed for maximum performance.
  • Highly detailed sidewall for scale looks.
  • Stepped blocks & multiple sipes create unmatched grip.
  • Tackle tough terrain in scale style.
  • Made with the legendary G8 material.
  • 12mm Hex
  • Specifications:

  • Height: 4.73" (120mm)
  • Width: 1.76" (45mm)