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JR Carbon Stay Wide Rear Sliding Damper 2MM

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$9.70 USD
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$9.70 USD
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$9.70 USD
These lightweight and rigid 2mm-thick solid carbon fiber stays are for use with Wide Rear Sliding Dampers, replacing the aluminum roller stay parts. The roller stay is a key part of wide sliding dampers, as it slides when the Mini 4WD car hits a track wall, helping to absorb impact.

Made from durable 2mm thick carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber stays offer an approximate weight saving of 40% over standard aluminum ones.
Tamiya logo is printed in white.
Screws and washers, etc. are included for attachment.
Can also be attached directly to the chassis itself. Instructions show 2 examples.
Item 95285 is compatible with MA and AR chassis cars fitted with Item 15467 or 95364.