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MIP HD Driveline Kit, Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco

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$81.99 USD
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$100.00 USD
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$81.99 USD
Scale and durability are the main focal points of this one of a kind HD Driveline Kit, designed for the Traxxas TRX-4 Defender. This HD Driveline features a scale look and light-weight construction, compared to the X-Duty Drives; nearly 30% lighter and 25% slimmer. The HD Driveline Kit is truly a beast in its own right, but MIP didn't veer away from all of the design aspects built-in the popular MIP X-Duty Driveline. MIP has also incorporated ultra-strong spline technology and MIP CVD makeup. The MIP HD Driveline Kit, additionally has an impressive 35 of articulation and features phased aligned joints that key the male and female splines for smooth power transfer under load with no binding or vibration. Of course, all components are heat treated from the highest quality American grade alloy steels.

Whats Included:
2 - MIP Confetti Sticker, 2.185 x .65 Black
1 - MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup
1 - MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet
1 - MIP Inst. Sheet, HD Driveline, Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco
4 - MIP HD Drives, CVD Coupling
4 - MIP 2mm CVD Cross Pin
4 - MIP M3 x .5 x 3 Cup Point Set Screw (1.5mm Hex)
4 - MIP M3 x 12mm Pin Screw
1 - Support Parts Insert Sheet, Extra Kit Parts
1 - MIP M3 x .5 x 3 Cup Point Set Screw (1.5mm Hex)
1 - MIP M3 x 12mm Pin Screw
1 - MIP 2mm CVD Cross Pin
2 - MIP HD Spline Bone, Female, 35mm
1 - MIP HD Driveline, 62 mm Male Spline Bone
4 - MIP HD Spline, Drive Hub, 5mm
1 - MIP HD Spline Bone, Male, 50mm