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Pit Bull Tires

Pure Gold 50c 3s 5000mAh 11.1V Lipo Battery, w/ LED Battery C

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$79.98 USD
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$88.86 USD
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$79.98 USD
"Pure Gold" Lipo battery line-up, with Built-in LED Battery Life Indicator (B.L.I.) - an on-board LED indictor built into each battery for quick and easy power status updates while on the go!


  • Built in LED Battery Life Indicator (B. L. I. )
  • XT60 battery connector (2200 - 5000mAh 3s)
  • EC5 battery connector (6000mAh 3s and 8000mAh 4s2p)
  • Deans battery plug and/or adapter included with each battery