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RC Lunch Box Mini Kit 1/24 Scale SW-01Chassis

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$90.30 USD
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$90.30 USD
This is a compact, maneuverable, and above all super-fun addition to the world of Tamiya wheelie models! It's a familiar face, too, as the legendary Tamiya Lunch Box has been shrunk down to 1/24 scale.

The classic shrunken Lunch Box body sits on top of the 4WD SW-01 chassis. It is capable of 4-wheel steering using separately sold Upper Arm Connectors that not only allows you to steer with all four wheels on the ground, but it also allows the vehicle to steer while doing wheelies!

NOTE: Requires a 2-Channel Radio, standard size servo, ESC, 7.2-7.4volt battery pack & compatible charger.


  • The steering uses 1-piece upper arms for a tight turning circle and the body leans to help suppress tumbles.
  • The body is attached to the body mounts using magnets for quick attachment
  • 370 Motor is center mounted for 4WD
  • Can be used with standard size servos and R/C equipment despite its compact nature
  • Aftermarket battery size: Battery pack size must be under 66x36x15mm in size