TC7.2 Dynamic Toe Control Conversion

TC7.2 Dynamic Toe Control Conversion

  • $39.14

Allows TC7.2 owners to precisely adjust rear toe-in and camber, as well as control camber rise/gain throughout the suspension travel. The secret weapon for owners of the TC7.2

DTCv2 Conversion for the Team Associated TC7.2 Includes

-150111 Aluminum Knuckles (2)
-150112 CF Knuckle Arms (2)
-150113 Aluminum Hubs (Pair)
-150114 Aluminum Lower Bearing Hubs (2)
-150115 Aluminum Turnbuckles (2)
-150116 Inner Ball Studs (2)
-150117 Outer Ball Studs (2)
-150118 5x8mm Ball Bearings (4)
-150119 DTC Hardware
-200201 1up Racing Turnbuckle/Ball Cup Wrench (AE, not pictured)

Requires 4 ball cups for installation.