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J Concepts

Team Associated RC10GT Authentic Body (#6131)

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When Team Associated decided to build a 1/10th Stadium truck, they went all-the-way. In the process, a new racing class was born. One of the most sought-after looks in the vintage RC community is the look of a stadium truck from the 1990's, and racers love the 10T. There might have been no better look than the RC10T and RC10GT during the golden age of stadium truck, and the body design had a lot to do with it.

JConcepts, with approval from Team Associated, has reintroduced the genuine RC10T Team Truck body shell. This allows the faithful to recreate, rebuild, and race with authentically styled bodies from the heyday of competitive stadium truck racing. A lot of work went into making this project a reality and thankfully, Team Associated preserved the iconic mold from the 1993 calendar year.

Everyone knows the iconic hood-scoop, which is forged over the front shocks, along with dead-panned headlights and grille. The neutral cab design has built-in number plates and a molded in roll-bar. The quarter round wheel well flares add a bit of realism to the design, while the lengthy rear spoiler provides some much-needed rear downforce for slippery race conditions.

Each package includes window mask, and clear polycarbonate body (no decal sheet included).

Body is sold clear. Shown painted for display only.


  • Iconic, original RC10GT styling
  • Front hood-scoop, dead-panned headlights and grille
  • Neutral cab design with built-in number plates
  • Roll-bar with connected rear tower humps
  • Quarter round wheel well flares for realism
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film