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  • UF-7C  Axial Ryft - OMGRC
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UF-7C Axial Ryft

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The Axial Ryft Attack Light Kit is the perfect compliment to your Axial Ryft. The MyTrickRC Axial Ryft Attack Kit is nice and compact, and offers all High Power LED Headlights with Mounting Bracket, Taillight Bar and Rock Lights. The UF7-C Lighting Controller comes in this kit, and it draws power directly from the receiver! The Axial Ryft Attack Light Kit is Plug and Play, and the lights will be ON whenever the truck is on.

Hi Performance / Integrated Light Buckets
Insanely Bright Light Kit for your Ryft
Easy Installation
Minimal Wiring

Kit includes:
UF7-C Controller
1 Pair of White Attack 27mm Strip Headlights
1 Pair of Red Attack 27mm Strip Tail Lights
2 Pair High Spot Lights
1pc 3-Way LED Splitter
Zip Ties Set
Attack Scale Bumper Stickers
Custom Headlight and Tail Light Mounts
1 Y-Cable for ESC