X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition "Star Wars", Bandai

X-Wing Starfighter Moving Edition "Star Wars", Bandai

  • $101.50

The Bandai snap-fit Star Wars magic is getting taken to the next level! This massive 1/48 scale X-Wing fighter as piloted by Luke Skywalker in "A New Hope" is the ultimate addition to any Star Wars enthusiast's model collection! It features a dedicated stand with three buttons to select different demo modes as well as a full array of LED lights. The wings open and close (complete with R2-D2 sound effects) and three different kind of marking decals are included.

Each X-Wing fighter is unique, but this release from Bandai will focus on Luke Skywalker's personal machine!

Includes Stand, assembled mechanics box, 2 pilot figures, R2-D2 figure, 2 canopy parts, landing gear, marking stickers, water slide decals, and foil stickers

Sound: R2-D2 beeping and proton torpedo noises are programmed into the kit

Motion: Both wings can open and close

Lightning: Proton torpedo port and rear engine are recreated with LED lights

Display base: With the display stand, you can choose between normal, silent, demo, and silent demo modes

Detail: All the details of the original movie prop were condensed into the ultimate 1/48 scale model

Extras: Landing gear is included so you can recreate maintenance mode. Also included are 2 pilot figures and R2-D2