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Xerun D10 Drift Motor - 13.5T, 2900kv, Passion Edition

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$119.99 USD
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$170.00 USD
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$119.99 USD
The Xerun D10 motors are elegantly designed for drifting, offering the ideal colors to perfectly match your drift machines. Available in Black, Red, and Purple.

- Factory soldered high quality 3.5mm banana plugs for easy motor swaps.

- Stator is optimized for drift, improving motor efficiency.

- Built-in, high-precision sensor board, combined with drift-specific fan rotors, providing excellent drivability.

- Lighweight. Weighs approximately 165g (including 3 gold insert weights)

- Special-shaped gold fan on the rotor cools the motor while making a pleasant sound, especially when Turbo is turned on.

- Best paired with XD10 PRO ESC


  • 1/10th Drift car, 2S Lipo
  • 2 POLE Super High-Efficiency brushless motor
  • Diameter/Length: D 35.7mm L 52.6mm
  • Shaft Diameter/Length: D 3.175mm L 15.0mm
  • Weight: 157g