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Xerun-V10-Bandit-10.5T-Black (3450Kv) Outlaw Edition 1/10

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The Bandit G2 series is the perfect combination of high quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. It provides the performance advantage all power-hungry racers are looking for, while only the minimum maintenance is required.

- BANDIT G2 motor is 20% higher than the standard V10 motors
- Designed to withstand extreme levels of use
- Complete new CNC cut motor case
- Works as a sensored or sensorless unit .
- Multiple steps of mechanical timing adjustable from 20 degree to 50 degree.
- Minimal maintenance is required with precise machining technology.
- Eliminating the copper shims used in most of today's motors.
- High temperature tolerance and high purity copper windings
- High temperature tolerance sintered NdFeb magnets.
- Extreme low resistance multi-layered outlet PCB
- Includes two sensor wires - one 80mm and one 200mm
- BANDIT G2 motor is compliant with IFMAR rules but not ROAR rules.

kV: 3800
Resistance: 0.0122
Input Voltage: 2-3S
Current Without Load (A): 3.4
Max. Output Power* (W): 325
Current @Max Output Power (A): 90
Motor Diameter x Length: 36x52.5mm
Shaft Diameter x Length: 3.175x14.6mm
Pole: 2
Weight: 170g

1/10 TC stock racing & 1/10 Drift Car